Postnatal Support

As your postnatal doula, I will support you in becoming confident with your decisions and believing in yourself and your new family dynamic.

We will initially have a complimentary meeting to get to know each other and for us both to see if we are a good fit for your family at this special time.

If you feel I would be the right doula, we would discuss what support you need. I offer an individual service tailored to suit the exact needs of each client, which often changes week by week as you find your new family rhythm.

I’m very adaptable and will fit in with the family and it would be my privilege to protect the space of your new family.

We will talk through your recent birth experience and I will listen to anything on your or your partner’s mind, signposting to local resources and services, if necessary.

I will provide practical guidance and encouragement to help you and your family care for your newborn, including looking after the new baby so you can rest, sleep, shower or have a nice hot meal. As well as undertake any light housework.

I will support your feeding choices with expert referrals where necessary.

I am there to support and accompany you on the first outings with your baby e.g. baby clinic, shopping, walks, appointments.

Mostly importantly I am there to listen, as well as support and even just keep you company.

If you need further support I’ll be available by email or phone plus I can refer you to other birth and postnatal professionals if relevant.

I am a member of Doula UK, as a mentored doula. This means I am able to offer you a special rate while I go through the recognition process. Please get in touch for more details.

Gift vouchers are now available from Doula UK so your family and friends can donate towards the cost of your doula. Please follow the link below:

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