Maternal Journal

Creative Maternal Journal is a time to gather with other women, share experiences, feelings and to be creative. As well as building new relationships, having valuable ‘me time’ and taking time to actually explore how you are really feeling on your mothering journey.

Over six weeks we will use different writing and visual arts techniques, and materials, to support you to create a journal as an expansive, therapeutic, creative aspect of your care through pregnancy and beyond.

The sessions are inspired by an initial project completed in London.

‘Maternal Journal was an interdisciplinary collaborative project, produced by myself – artist and midwife Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, and psychiatrist Carmine Pariante, Professor of Psychological Medicine at King’s College London, which explored the therapeutic potential of journaling as a way to promote wellbeing and positive mental health for pregnant women and new mothers, who have a history of mild to moderate depression and/or anxiety’.

You can read more about the original project here


Who is it for?

All women, wherever you may be on your mothering journey.

Whether you are pregnant, in the early days of motherhood, a year down the line (still the fourth trimester in my opinion) or a few years into the depths of family life first, second or third time round.

Do I need to be good at art?

You most definitely do not have to be an artist, have done art GSCE or even be able to draw a stick man.

Art, especially when journaling, does not have to be pretty, colourful or carefully planned.

It is as raw, honest and spontaneous as birth itself. It is about the process and self-expression not just the final outcome.

Like motherhood, creativity exists in a state of revision and flow, where we are constantly adapting our rythmn. Mothers are all creative.

Can I bring my child?

Babes in arms always welcome. Unfortunately, due to hosting the sessions at my home it is not suitable for babies or children on the move.

Where is it held?

At my home in Fairfield Park, Bath.

Do I have to commit to all six weeks or can I come as a one off?

It is a commitment to the whole six sessions, to really benefit from the tool of journaling, building relationships and developing creatively. However, I do run slightly longer one-off day sessions on an ad-hoc basis, so do stay in touch if this appeals to you more.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, just yourself. There is always plenty of tea, yummy cake and all the materials you will need are provided including a beautiful leather journal.

Places are limited to keep the group small, personal and nurturing. Plus you will get to be part of a secret Facebook group, where you can chat and be inspired by fellow creative journallers past and present, make use of the creative prompts and read my random selection of posts.

Please do get in touch for more details of the next gathering or to reserve your place.

Feedback from previous participants:

  • “It helps me to clear my mind and express how I’m feeling when I can’t find the words for it.”
  • “It gave me ‘me time’ and a little break from my baby, who I adore, but is hard work.”
  • “It kept my mind off sad feelings or anxiety.”