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Maternal Journal

Maternal Journal is a time to
gather with other parents, share experiences, emotions and to be creative. As well as building new relationships, having valuable ‘me time’ and taking time to actually explore how you are really feeling
on your parenting journey.

It is for anyone experiencing the emotional and physical changes
and challenges in pregnancy, new parenthood or even years into the depths of family life first, second
or third time round.

a black and white photo of a group of women sat around a long table filled with art materials. They are all bust chatting and making art.
  • Maternal Journal is held at
    various locations in and around Bath, please enquire for
    up to date details.

  • Each group is 4-5 weeks, which gives you enough time to really understand the tool of creative journaling, build relationships
    and develop creatively.

  • We use different writing and visual arts techniques, and materials, to support your
    mental wellness.

  • All the materials you will need
    are provided, including a journal. Gratefully supplied through
    various funding sources.

  • No creative experience necessary. Art, especially when journaling, does not have to be pretty, colourful or carefully planned. It is as raw, honest and spontaneous as birth itself. It is about the process and self-expression not just the final outcome. This is key to your practice. Process over product.
    Like parenthood, creativity exists in a state of revision and flow, where we are constantly adapting our rhythm. Parents are all creative.

a page from an art journal. On a close up image of the moon are the words, I need space.
a page from an art journal. On a green and blue background is a pregnant figure with handwriting in it.
a page from an art journal. on a black painted background is colourful lines and confetti marks coming from the top of a womans head.
a page from an art journal. a background of orange, yellow and green marks are collage images of people and flowers. with the cenre image being of a woman's head under wtaer.
  • Babes in arms always welcome. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for babies or children on the move.

  • Places are limited to keep the
    group intimate and nurturing.

  • The space is always open and supportive for those commonly difficult, awkward and sometimes isolating feelings parenthood brings with it. The conversations flow where the group needs it to go.

  • Maternal Journal is not recommended for anyone with a history of severe mental health problems. The sessions often bring up strong feelings and emotions, which may not be safe to manage and explore in the given space.

a page from an art journal. on a grey painted background with pink, red and black scribbly marks is a paper cut out of a person holding their head in dispair. The cutout also has illegible text written on it.
a page from an art journal. the background has two hands drawn in orange with the words, find calm, written on the knuckles like tattoos. in the foreground is collage imaged of a woman sleeping, a robot, a rollercoaster and a woman carrying some laundry.

I have a Facebook group
where you will be the first to know about when the next group courses are running
and how to sign up.

You can also see more of
what we get up to on our Instagram page.


The sessions helped me to clear my mind and express how I was feeling in a different way when I couldn’t find the words. Maternal Journal has given me a tool for life.
Despite meeting a group of strangers, I left with a group of friends whom I felt safe to be myself with.
I really enjoyed having time out from being “mummy”, having a little break from my baby, who I adore, but is hard work.
Maternal Journal was a really good chance to share my worries, hopes and fears with others who have been there and get it.
I really enjoyed being creative with no pressure in actually being any good at art.
I love looking back through my journal and seeing how far I have come as a parent, as a person and in my ability to explore my feelings.
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