Birth support

Initially, we will have a complimentary meeting to get to know each other and for us both to see if we are a good fit for your family at this special time.


If you feel I would be the right doula, we would then have three antenatal sessions to help you prepare for your birth and life with a new baby.

This includes emotional, practical and informational support, and to encourage a positive outlook, where you have confidence and feel empowered. My role as your doula is hugely variable and I’ll happily discuss any topic with you without judgement and gladly signpost you to useful resources and groups.


I’ll be on call from 38 weeks into your pregnancy until labour starts. You can call me 24/7 and I’ll support you by phone until you ask me to join you. I’ll come to your home and stay with you if you are birthing there or transfer with you to the birthing centre or other location.

I’ll be with you throughout your labour and birth, and the type of support you might need will be purely guided by you. I will be the calm in the room.


You are my focus and I will ensure that your privacy and space is protected and that your wishes are heard. I will also be there to support the partner, enabling them to participate more comfortably and confidently.

I will stay with you after birth and leave when you are happy and settled.

I will visit for one postnatal session, usually within 10 days of the birth, to talk over your birth and reflect upon the experience, or answer any questions you may have. I am then available to you for up to 6 weeks by phone or email.


I am a member of Doula UK, as a mentored doula. This means I am able to offer you a special rate while I go through the recognition process. Please get in touch for more details.

Gift vouchers are available from Doula UK so your family and friends can donate towards the cost of your doula. Please follow the link below:

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