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About me

Hello, I’m Michelle, she/her and I live in Bath with my husband and twins, who are amazing, challenging and funny, and probably my biggest inspiration and drive behind my work.

a black and white photo of Michelle, Doula Shell, a mixed race woman with long dark hair smiling at the camera. A vase of flowers sit behinf her.

Working one to one with people is what I have always enjoyed, getting
to know each other, building a relationship of acknowledgement, respect and advocacy. I am a people person. Having previously worked
for The Priory, NHS and in various educational settings, I know my
natural place in the world is in supporting families. 
I am continually learning to develop and grow as a birthworker, as well as keeping up
with new and evolving research.

an illustration of Michelle, Doula Shell, standing with one leg cocked up and an arm in the air.
a black and white photo of a woman in a birth pool with her newborn baby in her arms.

Courses and study
days attended:

Developing Doulas Preparation Course, Godalming, September 2017


Massage for Pregnancy & Birth with Claire Nutt, Bristol, September 2019


Loving the Multiple Parents with Abuela Doulas, April 2020


LBGTQ+ Competency Workshop with The Queer Birth Club June 2020


Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training with MamaSerene, October 2020


Trauma Competency for Birth Workers with Leah Digby, December 2020


Biomechanics for Birth with Midwife Molly O’Brien, April 2021


Supporting Caesarean Birth with Carolyn Holt, April 2021


Consent: Rights in Childbirth with Developing Doulas, September 2022


LBGTQ+ Competency in Lactation Workshop with The Queer Birth Club October 2022


Protecting Birth Course with Dr. Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers, June 2023

an illustration of Michelle, Doula Shell, sitting on the floor crossed legs with a cup of tea in her hand.
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